Well testing is carried out to identify reservoir and well parameters. Produced oil and gas should be burned since it is not economical to storage. Burning of produced oil and gas is accepted way of hydrocarbon disposal as it reduces air, water and environment pollution which addressed by environmental agencies. To ensure nonhazardous burning in changing wind directions, two booms are typically installed on opposite sides of the drilling platform and the flow to the burner can be diverted to the downwind boom by use of a diverter manifold system. PEAK oilfield solution is the only manufacturer of Burner Boom in IRAN.

Burner Head

The burner head assembly consists of 3-4 burners to increase air availability for efficient hydrocarbon combustion, water spray line, valves and a gas flow line. The pilot ignition system uses LPG / propane gas. The system works on 120V / 220V AC and 50Hz / 60Hz power supply. To ensure proper burning of oil, oil stream should be converted to small droplets. PEAK atomizers are tools which are properly designed to create small droplets. Small droplets are vaporized in travelling time and are mixed to air to burn. Water nuzzles are also allocated to cool head.

Burner booms

Burning of oil and gas creates a large volume of fire, which can damage rig, asset and personnel. Burner flares must be kept at a safe distance from the rig/platform structure. To reduce heat radiation onto an offshore platform or drillship and to protect rig personnel, the burners are supported by long booms away of rig. The boom also reduce 150 dB sound of oil and gas burning on the rig. PEAK booms are a portable U-shaped truss assembly. The King Post attaches to the rig structure and is braced with three tieback struts. Vertical suspension cables and horizontal wind stay cables support the boom, so a rig crane is not needed for support. The structural design of the U-boom allows access to the burner and supports pipes that are laterally positioned on the boom sides. These pipes supply the burner with air, water, oil, and propane. Available in 60ft and 90ft lengths, PEAK burner booms feature a design that allows for easy upgrading. King Post and Tiebacks The heavy-duty king post assembly can be attached to rig structures and braced with three tieback struts. The burner boom is attached to the king post which is supported by vertical suspension cables. PEAK designs, manufactures and installs king post and tiebacks for boom with different length. PEAK also conducts structural study for rig/platform re-enforcement and modification to install burner boom and king post.

Technical data:

  • • Boom length: 60ft / 90ft
  • • Weight: 4,200kg / 5,900Kg
  • • Burner capacity: 12,000BPD
  • • Gas flaring capacity: 1.8 million cubic meters per day
  • • Air requirement: 300ft³ per minute
  • • Working pressure: 1,440psi
  • • Test pressure: 2,175psi