PEAK oilfield solutions manufactures cargo baskets for offshore applications, which is applicable in onshore activity as well. Designed for lifting, carrying and transporting drill pipe, casing, tools and other essential cargo. An extensive range of sizes from 4 to 14 meters in length are manufactured. The base has integrated forklift pockets for ease of yard loading and offloading. We design, manufacture and teste baskets as per DNV 2.7-1/ EN 12079.

As you would expect, all of the appropriate units come complete with lifting sets, certified to meet DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079.

Basket Nominal size* Pay load*
4 13×3.3×3.3 ft Up to 8 Tones
6 19.6×3.3×3.3 ft Up to 10 Tones
8 26.2×3.3×3.3 ft Up to 10 Tones
10 32.8×3.3×3.3 ft Up to 10 Tones
12 39.3×3.3×3.3 ft Up to 12 Tones
14 45.9×3.3×3.3 ft Up to 14 Tones
*Baskets with other sizes can be designed as client request.
*Baskets with other payload can be designed as client request.

We have stock of baskets with different sizes for rent. The baskets are supplied with certified slings and shackles. PEAK oilfield solutions also manufactures other vessels such as drum baskets, acid tanks, bottle racks, man baskets or other structure as client demands.